Is The Bitcoin Trend More Than Just A Trend?

The Bitcoin trend has become prominent over the past year and it has affected the financial world. About 20 years ago the buzzword was “dotcom”. Everybody was starting technology companies and these companies were able to raise millions of dollars easily.

A lot has changed and we have moved into a complex technological age with the new trend, “Bitcoin”. Bitcoin is starting to infiltrate Wall Street. It is much less of a technology that hackers use, it is a technology that major institutions are starting to use.

The movement from the public into institutions is complex, but not for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is able to stay decentralized no matter who uses it. The various governments around the world will never be able to change that. The only thing that major institutions can do is scare the public.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, recently made statements against Bitcoin. Following the statement, Bitcoin’s price reacted negatively.So can it really be just a trend? I do not think so. Bitcoin is here to stay and institutions know that.

Industry Acceptance

Look at all of the major companies that are releasing ICO’s. Recently we had the Kin ICO, which was creating by the popular application company, Kik. We also have recently seen CEO’s, like Patrick Byrne (the CEO of, strongly support Bitcoin.

“The guys who belong to this financial world of debt-based, fiat-money, central-banking Keynesian spending – this magic money tree they all grew up in – they don’t like a form of currency that cannot be controlled by a government. What a surprise.” – Patrick Byrne

So what do you think? Is Bitcoin just a trend like the dotcom bubble? Let me hear your thoughts below…

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