Privacy Policy

We know how incredibly important it is to feel safe when visiting any website and as such, we have put in place, a website with a very secure privacy policy. One that will allow you to use our site as often as you like, and safe in the knowledge that we respect your privacy and that we will always let you visit our website anonymously.

Unlike other financially related news and information sites, we do not and will not require you to sign up or leave your details to access any part of this website, and you may view it freely whenever you choose.

Should you decide to get in contact with us at any time or for any reason, please be assured that your right to privacy will be respected. We will respect your right to privacy and will only use the email address you used to contact us, to reply to your questions and will never send any marketing or advertising via email. Please feel free to enjoy your visit to our website, and please feel free to offer any feedback. To leave comments, questions or feedback please follow this link to the “Contact Us” page.

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